Ogof Nadolig

Grid reference SJ 1903 / 6555

Altitude 500 feet

Length 800 feet


In the woods on the opposite side of the valley to Hesp Alyn, a 25 foot entrance shaft leads to a 3 to 4 feet high passage running in a NNE direction for about 30 feet where it intersects the main passage, which is heavily silted up and only about 18 inches high at this point. About 40 feet from the junction a small passage enters on the left. This becomes too too tight after about 20 feet.

Near the junction an aven leads to the upper series, a crawl traversed by several vertical rifts, some of which contain formations. Rimstone pools are present in several places. After the crawl, the passage returns to walking height, and leads to an awkward drop into a chamber which can be avoided by backing up, and using a small tube in the right hand wall of the passage. There are two exits from the bottom of the chamber, the right hand one is a dead end, and the left hand one quickly reaches a vertical shaft with a locked lid at the surface.


Another nice easy cave, suitable for novices, with some tight crawls. There's no danger of flooding, the biggest problem is finding the entrance in the woods. Follow the blue reflectors nailed to the trees.

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